Last Update : 08 Oct 2020

Principal's Message

Usha Kadian - Principal Usha Kadian
Gramin Mahila Shikshan Sansthan
"Neither Piety, virtue nor liberty can flourish in a community where the education of youth is neglected...”– Copper Success in life is a matter of concentration and perseverance. The prime duty of education is to give direction to the youth so as to channelize their creative energies towards productive, purposeful and innovative work. Envisaging the emerging trends in education, GMSS School and GGA aims at holistic development of students, maintaining its scholarly ethos by honing and empowering the skills with desired level of competence and character. Education today is no longer a matter of learning from books alone. Today's world has become a fast changing world where information is available at the fingertips and technology is everywhere. In this modern age, providing good quality education to our children has become a challenge for teachers and parents alike. Education is no longer limited to books and classrooms. For the overall development of the child there is a need to engage the child in every field of activity be it sports, arts, music etc. At the same time the information age makes it possible to gather information about any subject anywhere in world through the Internet and the electronic media. Children are constantly being subjected to new challenges and pressures. Schools have to be equipped to be able to help children overcome these pressures and challenges.
To meet these challenges the school needs not only books but also laboratories, computers internet access, digital media, projection systems, play grounds, sports equipment and a faculty that can make full use of these resources. We, at GMSS School and GGA, are committed to provide world standard education to our children. The school has already become a benchmark for good education in Sikar District. It has been our endeavour to provide the highest standard in every field and it is proposed to build worldclass class rooms, science laboratories and to create a faculty for music with a multitude of musical instruments from classical Indian to western. A football ground exists for playing football, cricket and athletics and many other sports. A lot more needs to be done. The Management alone cannot achieve its goals but needs the full cooperation of the faculty and the parents. Providing good quality education has to be a collective dream, only then can it become a reality. As always we are grateful to all the parents for their trust in us and look forward to a continued partnership in making this school- BEST. I welcome the new students with great pride and delight to "Gramin Balika Senior Secondary School" and “Gramin Girls Academy” to find the wealth of learning opportunities in the hub of excellence. I wish you the best in life!